Windows For Life!

Our Philosophy

uPVC windows and Door systems

Our four ingredients for success

A strict product policy, close cooperation with our partners, flexibility and innovation have made us what we are today: Within only few years Profilez has turned into the most successful enterprise in the sector. Profilez has always been a family business and will remain so also in the future.


Constant development and innovation is the key to our success. Every year, Profilez can proudly present market-driven product innovations. We analyse current market requirements to create products that satisfy the demand and meet our customers’ highest expectations.


Our customers, partners and the whole Profilez staff are the centrepiece and the motor of our action. Close partnership and cooperation between the Profilez headquarters and our many different production plants and sales offices form a synergy everyone benefits from.

Ventilation and heating

Modern PVC windows present such a high tightness that no natural air exchange can take place. Proper ventilation in combination with modern windows saves heating costs and creates a healthy and hygienic room climate. Cross ventilation with two opposite windows is especially quick and effective – one single open window is sometimes not enough. Ventilate at least five to ten minutes to let in fresh air. It is recommended to ventilate three to four times a day. Remove items that obstruct the air flow, e.g. move furniture away from the wall a little. Ventilate more frequently in the case of additional humidity, for example when cooking, bathing, taking a shower etc. Please remember: A misted-up window is the best indicator that ventilation is required.


Flexibility is our greatest strength! Short communication channels, flat hierarchies and lean structures allow us to respond rapidly and dynamically to customer demands and market requirements.


“Compatibility” is the magic word of our product policy. The product serials match each other and can be combined with each other.