Windows For Life!

Design and profiles

uPVC windows and Door systems

One window is not just like another. There are various possibilities to visually match your window to the building’s architecture.

For designing the window sashes, PROFILEZ offers two profile versions for variable window outlines:

Opening Window Profile series:

  • Main profiles: three chamber structure, separate drainage chamber
  • Model Design: Inward pr outward opening, inward opening with tilt, fixed window,fixed or adjsutable jalousie window, middle suspension window etc;
  • This system can be connected through the couplings of 90, 135, 180, ordinary or enhanced and arbitraty angle
  • The distance for the glass is 30mm, 26mm, 18mm, 14mm and 11mm single or double insulating glass can be intalled
  • The width of the openable section is 60mm
  • Opening mosquito sash can be installed

Sliding Window Profile series:

  • Main profiles: four-chamber structure, wall thickness of 2.2mm, separate drainage chamber for frame and sash
  • Top grade, mid-grade and economic grade can be achieved to satisfy the needs of different customers
  • This system can connectedd through the couplings of 90,135, 189 ordinary or enhanced and arbitrary angle;
  • Sliding sash with different strength can be choosen
  • The distance for glass is 26mm, 22mm and 11mm. Single or double insulating glass can be installed
  • The width of the sliding section is 88mm
  • Sliding mosquito sash can be installed